ADOH Announces $40 Million for Transitional Housing in Rural Communities

Existing Buildings will be Transformed into Hundreds of New Homes

The Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) recently announced $40 million to provide up to 500 transitional homes for Arizonans in rural communities who are experiencing homelessness.

The funding will go toward converting and repurposing existing buildings into bridge housing to prevent homelessness. Transforming existing buildings to transitional housing is not only a quicker process but can provide other tangible benefits in stabilizing those in need.

“Conversion projects tend to be smaller and smaller campuses have shown to be more successful in reducing the numbers of unsheltered homeless and placing them in permanent housing than large congregate shelters.”

Tom Simplot, ADOH Director

“Having bridge housing in rural communities also allows those experiencing homelessness to stay in their communities instead of traveling sometimes far distances to receive needed services. This also helps with increasing exit rates to permanent housing,” continues ADOH Director Tom Simplot.

ADOH plans to fund the acquisition of several buildings in rural communities that are intended to provide up to 500 new homes for homeless persons. ADOH is currently providing technical assistance and reviewing funding options in Flagstaff, Cottonwood, and Page and is looking for other rural opportunities. The plan has the support of a number of Arizona Legislators including Senator T.J. Shope of Legislative District 8.

“There is a desperate need for transitional housing to support the homeless in rural communities like those I represent. Having the state assist in the acquisition and conversion of existing buildings is the quickest way to provide that assistance and help those in need move to permanent housing.”

Senator T.J. Shope of Legislative District 8

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