2022 League Policy Committees

It is time to prepare for the League’s 2022 Policy Committee meetings. Below you will find information about participation on those Committees.  The 2022 Policy Committee meetings will be held in person at the League office, but committee members will have the option of attending virtually via Zoom if they so choose.

Below are three important documents for your information: 

  1. The first document is a spreadsheet listing the current members of the five League Policy Committees.  Those committees are:
  • Budget, Finance and Economic Development (BFED)
  • General Administration, Human Resources and Elections (GAHRE)
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works (TIPW)
  • Public Safety, Military Affairs and the Courts (PSMAC)
  • Neighborhoods, Sustainability and Quality of Life (NSQL)

Please look over the member list and let us know if you wish to join a committee, or continue on a committee, by Thursday, April 7 to: resolutions@azleague.org

If we do not hear from you by April 7, we will assume that you will not be serving on a policy committee this year.

  1. The second document is the Policy Committees and Resolutions Process Overview.  The document explains the formation and procedures of the policy committee process.  In addition, it contains the Policy Issue Submittal Form.  This document is used to submit policy issues for discussion by the committee.  We encourage anyone, whether on a committee or not, to submit a policy proposal for consideration by the policy committees.
  1. The third document provides the dates and times for the upcoming May and June policy committee meetings. As we get closer to the May dates, if the committee receives policy issue submittals, an agenda for the meeting will be sent to all committee members. If no policy issues are submitted, we will inform the committee members that no meeting will be held. 

We look forward to your participation in the policy committee process this year and hope that you will contact us at resolutions@azleague.org with any questions or suggestions.